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APPLYING FORCEPS                      PPA010
CUTTING FORCEPS                        PCA010
SCREWDRIVER                               T010

Ancillary Instrumens

1. Sternal Closure Applying Forceps
  The Sternal Closure Applying Forceps is comprised of two jaws that are used to
grip the two hooks of the Sternal Closure Device and bring them towards one
another along the ratchet rod.
2. Sternal Closure Cutting Forceps
  The sternal Closure Cutting Forceps is used to cut off the excess ratchet rod at
the base of the movable hook and to cut the middle of the ratchet rod in two in
case immediate entry into the chest cavity is indicated.
3. Sternal Closure Screwdriver
  The Sternal Closure Screwdriver is used to loosen the screw on the fixed hook in
order to remove the device.
Recommended for the prevention and cure of sternal pseudarthrosis 
The sternal closure device enables uncomplicated sternal  osteosynthesis to be performed, is easy to aplly and readily adapts
to the shape of the sternum.

The device is produced in bio-compatible titanium alloy which
enables NMR techniques to be used. The Sternal Closure Device is comprised of two hooks connected by a ratchet rod.
One of the hooks is fixed at one end, while the second hook can be moved along the ratchet rod.
A sternal closure applying forceps is used to bring the movable hook towards the fixed hook along the the ratchet rod.
This device allows perfect, progressive sternal compression to be achieved.

3. When the 2 or 3 closure devices have been
fitted, check the positioning and if necessary use the
applying forceps until the two sides of the
sternum are compressed.

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